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About Flying Tiger Boats

Flying Tiger Boats is a California Limited Liability Corporation founded in December 2009 for the purpose of building, importing, and marketing the Flying Tiger line of sport boats. Tom Hirsh is president and CEO of the corporation. Mr.Hirsh is also President of the Harbor Island Sailing Academy, Inc. dba Harbor Sailboats, a sailing club and yacht charter company founded in 1969 and based in San Diego, California.

Tom was an early owner of two FT 10s and has been associated with the class since it’s inception. He races the FT 10m and FT 7.5m on a regular basis with his wife Lois and three sons, Kyle, Kevin and Keenan who are also team members of Harbor Sailboats and Flying Tiger Boats.

Our goal is simple says Mr. Hirsh; “to promote a fun, fast, well built, family orientated sport boat while continuing to offer future purchasers the best value in the marketplace”.

Flying Tiger Boats has built strategic relationships with the Hansheng Yacht Building Company and Robert H. Perry, yacht designer to support existing owners and promote the growth of the worldwide class. Currently, Flying Tiger Boats builds the Flying Tiger 7.5 and the Flying Tiger 10.